Assesment of Dangerousness in Psychiatry: What are They in the Field?

Y. Bouguermouh *

Faculty of Medicine Blida, She Frantz Fanon Blida, Algeria.

Y. Sadouki

Faculty of Medicine Blida, She Frantz Fanon Blida, Algeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


We are confronted with violence daily, through the media and social networks. This scourge brings into play the presence of several factors favouring the potential for dangerousness in some people compared to others. The distinction between criminal dangerousness and psychiatric dangerousness is essential for care. Psychiatry is often confronted with emergencies, the examination of a violent patient, assigning him the heavy task of deciding on the potential danger (for himself and others) of this patient, and the risk of recidivism. What about on the ground?

Keywords: Dangerousness, psychiatry, criminology, emergencies, evaluation, certificate of dangerousness

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Bouguermouh, Y., and Y. Sadouki. 2024. “Assesment of Dangerousness in Psychiatry: What Are They in the Field?”. International Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal 21 (3):1-5.


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