Burn Out and Psychological Distress among Care Givers of Dementia Patients Attending the Out Patient Geriatric Clinics of Two Nigerian Tertiary Health Institutions

Friday E. Okwaraji *

Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria.

Godwin C. Onyebueke

Department of Psychological Medicine, ESUT Teaching Hospital Park Lane, Enugu, Nigeria.

Okwor Esther Nwakaego

Department of Psychological Medicine, ESUT Teaching Hospital Park Lane, Enugu, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Aim: This study investigated burnout and psychological distress among 460 caregivers of dementia patients attending the outpatient geriatric clinics of two Nigerian tertiary health institutions. 

Study Design: The study used the descriptive cross sectional study design.

Place and Duration of the Study: The study was conducted at the outpatient geriatric clinics of two tertiary health institutions in Enugu, South East Nigeria between the months of July and August 2023.

Methodology: A total of 460 care givers of dementia patients, aged 18- 65 years, attending the outpatient geriatric clinics of two tertiary health institutions in Enugu, who consented to participate in the study, were assessed for burnout and psychological distress using the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), and the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12).

Results: Result showed that 23.9% had emotional exhaustion, 14.6% had depersonalization and 18.5% had reduced personal accomplishment, while psychological distress was present in 39.6% of the respondents. Significant relationships were noticed between age and psychological distress, \(\chi\)2=57.36; p= 0.03; marital status and burnout \(\chi\)2=10.95; P= 0.01 as well as education and psychological distress \(\chi\)2=10.95; p= 0.05.

Conclusion: High levels of burnout and psychological distress were present among the caregivers who participated in the study, in view of this there is need for government to ensure proper institutional care for dementia patients and provide some incentives for those who care for them. Policy formulation should also aim at establishing community caregiving centers were dementia patients can receive adequate attention from government agencies.

Keywords: Dementia, caregiver, burnout, psychological distress, geriatric clinic, tertiary health institutions, Nigeria

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Okwaraji , F. E., Onyebueke , G. C., & Nwakaego , O. E. (2023). Burn Out and Psychological Distress among Care Givers of Dementia Patients Attending the Out Patient Geriatric Clinics of Two Nigerian Tertiary Health Institutions. International Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal, 20(4), 15–23. https://doi.org/10.9734/indj/2023/v20i4407


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